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Pain of an escort

My name is Ruby and I am one of the Mumbai escorts who belong NO where in this society. It took me years to realize how living the life of an escort made it harder to participate in “normal” life that a normal woman lives. The world pushes us away and the outside people are disgusted by us and often refer to us as someone who should not be met or some kind of untouchables. We escorts already suffer so much that we had to choose this field and moreover, when we want t...

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Orgasm, such a female thing!

An orgasm in a sexual intercourse is often considered being a male thing. When we look at sex, it is mainly considered to be a male dominating thing, since we have women’s image as a submissive and not the one who can control things while sex. However, this is entirely a myth and one should also respect the feeling and emotions of women while having sex since even they masturbate and even God has given them that freedom of enjoying sex. Call girls in Mumbai know this act v...

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