Being nice in every situation is not nice!

Girls are always to be nice and polite, since this is how they are meant to be, coz image of girls have always been compared to as that of a flower, to be soft, gentle and giving happiness to others. All girls, since their childhood have been taught to be in manners and behave properly in public and moreover, make sure that they are not much frank with people, especially strangers. However, these days being nice marks an image of your personality where words like dumb, immature, adolescent seems to be appropriate synonyms for your personality and our Mumbai escorts are really not of that type.


You cannot be nice to everyone these days since being nice hampers your personality, as nice person don’t argue much about what they want and simply accept whatever comes their way, without even asking for something that they deserve. Thus, in order to get your man of dreams, that perfect partner, the ultimate sexual pleasure and most of them all, the things that you desire to fulfil in your life, you have to mischievous and kinky and that’s the key to get what you want. Being nice is nice, but being always nice is not for this world, since people are less attracted towards what is nice, but are easily attracted towards something which is negative.


In the same fashion, the word bitch usually denotes a bad girl, whereas, in other context sometimes bad bitch or slutty bitch is used as words of admiration, where these negative words trigger that needed intimacy between the two and things go on a corporeal way. These things come automatically with your personality but these compliments cannot be a part of your collection if you are nice, since bitch is not the compliment a nice girl would love to have with her.


Thus, being kinky is what you ought to be if you want negative words to stand up for you as your praise words and not the words against you. Also, there are some times when you need to raise your voice for your wants and even sometimes, when you have to put a pause to sexual activities as those actions might be creating a pounding effect on your body. You need to raise your voice in some scenarios and this is where being nice cannot be of any use. Escorts in Mumbai know how and when to use those STOP words, and this in turn excites their client by giving them a feel good factor about themselves.


Also you can set boundaries for yourself and for others as to where they should stop, when you are out of your comfort zone but enjoying out of your comfort zone also has a limit. Other than this, girls are known to give priority to other’s feelings and this can give them a feeling of being less important. Although they should learn to give their feelings the priority, so that whenever they are with someone special, other person should know about your preference and then things will fall in place automatically.